Planning for College Workshops

The Planning for College presentation is a FREE opportunity for your students to gain valuable information on how to plan for college!

Issues discussed during the presentation include: the importance of the ACT and GPA, how to get the most out of local college fairs, visiting a college campus, admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, as well as, allowing students to realize all their options when considering the many institutions in Kansas.

Sophomores and Juniors are the suggested target audience; but it is possible to give the presentation to other students, and even parents. Presentations are somewhat interactive. If it is convenient, the representative could give the presentation to several smaller classes in one day rather than a large group at one time.

When considering when to schedule a presentation, please remember that the majority of certified presenters are admission counselors who travel to high schools. KACRAO has certified presenters who are employed at community colleges, technical schools, as well as the four year institutions in Kansas.

To request a presenter, please fill out a request form and the Planning for College Presentation Coordinator will be in contact with you. If you have any questions regarding the Planning for College presentation, please contact [email protected].


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