Guidelines for Institutional Representatives Attending College Planning Conferences 

Adopted by KCA, KASSP, and KACRAO

The College Planning Conference (CPC) system is the formal college fair program in Kansas. The Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (KACRAO) sponsors a committee (CPC Committee) which coordinates the system. The CPC Committee is comprised of representatives from the Kansas Counseling Association (KCA), from the Kansas Association of Secondary School Principals (KASSP), and from KACRAO member institutions. These guidelines are intended to benefit the students, parents, hosts, and representatives attending these sessions.

The attending institutional representative should observe the following guidelines:

  1. You must follow the Statement of Good Practices which has been approved by KACRAO and KCA.
  2. Maintain the highest level of personal and professional conduct.
  3. Remember you are the guest. Make all confirmations and cancellations in advance. All participants must register in advance through the CPC Chairperson/Committee. Hosts are not required to accommodate walk-ins to the CPC. Arrive early to set up and you must stay until the program is over. The location of your room/table may be pre-assigned. Do not ask to be relocated. Everyone takes their turn having the best location.
  4. Do not bring students, cadets, or other non-professionals to the CPC’s.
  5. Give-aways are not permitted. This includes all representatives attending each fair. This may include but is not limited to universities/colleges, military representatives, community members, and business representatives. You may hand out brochures, catalogs, view books, information request cards, business cards, or anything else containing factual information. Do not hand out advertising gimmicks such as shopping bags, bumper stickers, buttons, pennants, posters, or flowers. No pictures of prospective students are allowed for promotional purposes and remember to confine all recruitment activities to your designated area. No representatives should stand in front of the table.
  6. Transactions involving the exchange of money are prohibited, as are contests, drawings, or lotteries of any kind.
  7. Audiovisual equipment is not allowed in browsing or commons areas. Only those schools with individual rooms can use this type of equipment. Call ahead of time if you want permission to use the host school’s equipment.
  8. Electronics are allowed at CPC’s as long as they are battery operated and sound is NOT used.
  9. Billboards or displays used in the browsing area must be tabletop and are limited to 36” above the table. Stand alone or larger floor displays are not allowed unless at a partitioned college fair. Do not, at any time, block the view of another representative.
  10. Your attendance at the CPC will be publicized through the host school. You are not allowed to buy publicity in the news media and/or high school papers.
  11. KACRAO members: Before accepting an invitation to a college fair (an event with more than one college attending) during the CPC schedule that isn’t listed on the schedule you must: 1) refer the prospective host to the CPC Chairperson to have the program approved, 2) call the CPC Chairperson to see if the proposed program fits under the guidelines of the CPC Committee. KACRAO member institutions are prohibited from attending any programs not approved by the CPC Committee.
  12. It is the responsibility of the CPC host to make sure all institutions follow the Guidelines. Infractions will be reported to the KACRAO Executive Council. Institutions with repeated infractions may be prohibited from attending future CPCs.

View the UPDATED 2023 Guidelines PDF.